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Our revered Rishis have given to the mankind a very precious legacy in the form of The Vedas. The Vedas, till date, continue to be the principal source of our knowledge and wisdom. The study of the Vedas forms the most important aspect of the four stages of life (Chaturashrama). The stage in which the Vedas are studied under the guidance of acharyas (teachers) is known as Brahmacharyasharama, and the place where the Vedas are taught is called the Gurukula. It is important to note that the Vedas were taught in a particular method. The same method continues even today wherever there are gurukulas of the ancient order. It is not just the learning of the vedic hymns, the acharyas lay the foundation of life itself during this stage. This foundation is based on the principles and philosophy of life as conceived by the ancient seers. And Om Shantidhama Gurukula provides such ideal atmosphere for Gurukula as conceived by our seers.


Courses Offered
Rigveda, Yajurveda, Paniniya Vyakarana and Modern education.

Course Duration – 6 Years

Dinacharya – Daily Routine

04:45AM         – Jagarana Mantra (Wake up Prayer)
05:15AM         – Asanabhyasa
05:45AM         – Shoucha (Bath and washing)
06:15AM         – Sandhyagnihotra
07:00AM         – Pratarasha
07:15AM         – Vedic Session
08:15AM         – Breakfast
08:45AM         – Cleaning
09:15AM         – Assembly
09:30AM         – Vedic session
12.30 to 1.30PM – Lunch
01.30 to 4:30PM – Mordern Education
04:30PM         – Play Time
05:45PM         – Bath and washing
06:15PM         – Sandhya
07:00PM         – Pratarasha
07:15PM         – Swadhyaya (Self Study)
08:15PM         – Dinner
08:45PM         – Atmanireekshana (Introspection)
09:15PM         – Shayana Mantra (Bed Time Prayer)

Students seeking admission to the Veda Gurukula Mahavidyalaya should have completed 9 years of age or have passed 4th std.


1. Yajna shala
2. Bhojana shala-Dining Hall
3. Class rooms
4. Rig, Yajur, Samaveda Bhavans(Student Dormitories)
5. Acharya Kuteer-Residential Block
6. Vanaprastha Kuteer
7. Arogya Dhama-Health Care Unit
8. Library
9. Yoga Hall
10. Guest House
11. Vatika vana
12. Sanyasa Kuteer


Chillandavadi Forest
Kanakapura Taluk
Ramnagara District
Karnataka – 562126

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