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Om Shantidhama is a Registered Charitable Trust (1991) – and is an unique combination of Spiritual, Education, ayurvedic & Service Projects.

From Om to Om Shantidhama:
Om – chant it once; it becomes a melody. Chant it with intonation, it becomes music. Chant it with modulation sitting alone or as a group, under the training, role model by an expert called Guru; it transforms itself into the Veda. Om is pranava.

Vedas are the source of supreme knowledge. The concept of Universal Man originated from the Vedas. Their primary objective is to create Universal Man. This can be accomplished by the study of the Vedas. But to do this our ancestors have idenitified a certain kind of environment. These ancestors are called Seers. They had revelations i.e. supernatural communication regarding the formulae, the technique and the means to unravel the mysteries of life. They are our revered Rishis.

The revelations of the Rishis, it is said, are codified and classified for the use of humanity by no less a person than Maharshi Vyasa. According to the Rigveda ‘Hills and mountains all around and a confluence of rivers is the most conducive place for the forming of the enlightened souls’.

Inspired by this undoubted declaration, a team of likeminded and highly dedicated persons started their venture to identify in Karnataka, a place that very closely resembled the description.

The Journey :
The journey began way back in 1988-89. The team, finally arrived at a place in Kankapura taluk. It is Sangam. It is the confluence of rivers Cauvery and Arkavathi, 90 Kms. from Bangalore. The team travelled another 3 Kms., deep inside the woods, along the banks of the Cauvery and at last succeeded in locating the land required to launch their vedic-world-project. The architects of the project thought that, that land being unique in all respects, could be developed as the land of the Vedas.

The team, then, decided to combine the sanctity of the Cauvery, the Ganga of the South, the enchanting environs of the forest and the backdrop provided by the mountains all around. Side by side, they also decided to preserve the unpolluted Nature with all her glory and charm. Keeping the urge of mankind in their hearts these people decided to transform this land into a Punyadhama (abode of righteousness), a Satyadhama (abode of truth) and a Brahmadhama (abode of the ultimate). To begin with they called it Om Shantidhama.

Om Shantidhama Today :

Om Shantidhama, thus stands, before you as a symbol of international integration, national solidarity and universal brotherhood.

Om Shantidhama provides educational, medical and spiritual services to all people without any discrimination on grounds of caste, creed, colour, religion, language, nationality etc. No one be denied the opportunity to acquire knowledge to realise the highest in life is the philosophy of this vedic world project.

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